Exponentially scale your Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn with these proven strategies




Learn the repeatable formula to exponential income growth, lead generation, social media growth and viral content creation.


  • Build an audience that knows likes and trusts you
  • Create high engagement, valuable content that brings leads to you
  • Build a business around your own passions and interests with your audience as your customers
  • Never run out of content ideas
  • Run a high cash flowing, 80-100% profit business in just 1-4 hours per day

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Personal BrandBldr, you’ll learn the proven strategies and systems to building your brand into a thriving digital asset of 100's of 1000's of people


I've used these strategies to build an audience of over 390 000 people that grows on average 1000+ followers / day, impacts over 12M people a month and earns 6 figures / year

275 000+ followers on Instagram

86 000+ followers on Twitter

35 000+ followers on LinkedIn


Colin Matson


Ross has stepped up and delivered incredible value with the Personal BrandBldr. 
Its thorough, coherent, and covers everything you need to know for building a personal brand online. 
Ross built his audience from 0 and holds nothing back in this course, it's packed with actionable tips and I highly recommend it. 

Jennifer  Gagnon


Ross doesn’t skip over any part of the process.
It’s all in there.
I was even surprised at some of the resources included. I’ve yet to come across another program that is this complete. 

Gino Tomas D'Adderio


Ross gives you an interesting and simple way to learn, whilst providing the complete guide with an action plan, resources and lessons for everything you need to grow on social media. 
I would highly recommend Personal BrandBldr if you're willing to put in the work.

In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Have a 10 000 follower+ personal brand
  • Be making $5K-10K+ / month
  • Be running your business (your brand) from anywhere in the world in just a few hours per day

We’ll cover it all in Personal BrandBldr


Personal BrandBldr

Are You Ready To Scale Your Audience, Income, and Impact?

This program will teach you everything you need to know to build your brand, create viral content and build a high profit business in just a few hours per day

. You’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals that every personal brand needs to have to succeed
  • How to grow at each stage of your personal brand 
  • The keys to growing 100+ followers per day 
  • How to create viral, engagement-driven, valuable content
  • How to network with people you can only dream off and exponentially increase your growth
  • How to monetise your brand and turn it into a thriving digital asset
  • How to outsource effectively
  • Systems and Processes necessary for a successful brand
  • Mindset and self improvement for personal branding success
  • How to build an inbound lead content system that makes you print money
  • How to craft an outreach strategy that gets answered
  • How to build a high converting funnel that brings warm leads to you

With a simple shift in your mindset and the willingness to put in the work, you'll become the next authority figure in your niche.


What's Included In Personal BrandBldr


The Fundamentals That Every Personal Brand Needs To Succeed

If you want your brand to turn into a business and thrive for years to come, it needs to be built on strong foundations.

  • Your why
  • Your goals
  • Your niche
  • Your target avatar
  • Your reputation
  • Your content pillars

Personal BrandBldr teaches helps you build these fundamentals for long lasting success.



The keys to growing 100+ followers per day


Social media growth is the basis of your brand, your authority and your trust.

  • The king of growth
  • How to 10x your profile views : follower conversions
  • How to get your name out there and get people talking about you
  • The one thing that stops most people from growing
  • The secret of all big creators to exponentially increasing your growth

In Personal BrandBldr we teach you the keys to growing faster than 99% of brands could only dream off.


How to grow at each stage of your personal brand


Growing your brand from one stage to the next can be complicated. But not when you someone has done it before tells you how.

  • The keys to your first 1000 followers
  • The levers to pull to get to 10 000 followers
  • The path to walk to get to 50 000 followers
  • The doors to open to get to 100 000 followers and beyond

In Personal BrandBldr, we teach you exactly what you need to do to improve your brand and when you need to do it.


How to create amazing, engagement-driven, viral content


On social media, your content is everything. It's how you grow and it's why you grow.

• The system for infinite viral content ideas

• The replicable formula for viral content every time

• How to leverage content for growth, leads and sales

• The exact way to optimise your posting for maximum virality

• How to develop tight feedback loops that allow for constant improvement

• How to create scroll-stopping hooks and content that keeps people reading

• How to create viral content from your every day life and experiences

• How to leverage human psychology and emotion to 10x your engagement and influence

• The content recycling system

In Personal BrandBldr, we teach you how to never run out of viral, growth inducing and lead generating content.


How to network properly and exponentially increase your growth 


Networking is both the reason why all successful personal brands become successful and a side effect of their success

• How to network with successful people you could only dream off - even if you have nothing to offer them (right now)

• How to find your ideal network and craft that network into an opportunity generating machine

• How to leverage your network and exponentially increase your growth

Only social media, your network is your networth AND your audience size. In Personal BrandBldr we teach you how to craft your network and leverage it for everyone's benefit.


How to monetise your brand and turn it into a thriving digital asset 


Your brand is a business. You deserve to be making a tonne of money from it.

  • The one thing you need to understand before you attempt to monetise
  • How to choose your monetisation vehicle depending on you, your skillset and audience
  • Deciding when to monetise to not fuck up your brand
  • How to monetise properly to ensure good relations with you followers and how to maximise profit and revenue
  • How to build the most effective tool you can build to monetise your brand

In Personal BrandBldr, we teach you everything you need to make $1000s / month from your brand.



How to build your brand into a cash flowing business

Your brand is a business. You deserve to be making a tonne of money from it.

  • How to implement marketing awareness level into your content
  • How to craft irresistible offers
  • How to outreach to ideal clients and actually get a reply
  • How to create an inbound lead generating content strategy that prints money
  • How to write sales pages that convert 
  • How to close high ticket services
  • How to craft funnels that provide value to every follower
  • How to write engaging and converting email sequences
  • How to build systems that streamline the process of scaling your business

In Personal BrandBldr, we teach you everything you need to build and scale a cash flowing, high profit business from your brand and get leads coming to you.



How to build the systems and processes needed for a successful personal brand 


Want to be go far? You'll need systems and processes.

• The most important systems for all personal brands

• The systems you don't need

• How to build and optimise your systems and processes to maximise your success.

In Personal BrandBldr, you’ll learn how to build systems to streamline your whole personal branding workflow and what systems to actually build 


How to outsource effectively. 

You'll reach a stage in your brand and business where you'll want to take some things off your plate.

• How to outsource and not ruin your brand and business

• What to outsource as a personal brand and business

• What not to outsource as a personal brand and business

In Personal BrandBldr, you’ll learn how to outsource tasks you don't enjoy or aren't good at for your brand and what to outsource and not outsource as well as how to outsource effectively



Mindset and self-improvement for personal branding success

Your business is a reflection of you. If you want your business to succeed, you need to improve yourself and relevant areas.

• The 5 skills necessary for personal branding success

• The mentality to adopt to stand out from the crowd and succeed.

• The one true key that is necessary to succeed online

• The virality paradox

• Utilising the understanding of your personal brand being a reflection of you

In Personal BrandBldr, you’ll learn exactly the mindset you need for long term success in this game of business.


40+ actionable resources

It's one thing to know what to do, it's another to actually do it.

  • Templates
  • Tutorials
  • Worksheets
  • Swipe files
  • Activites
  • and more

In Personal BrandBldr, we make sure you don't only know what to do, but that you actually do it. You'll have all the resources you need to successfully model content, profiles, strategies, funnels, offers and sales.


Personal BrandBldr Is For You If...

  • You want to grow your audience, income and impact from scratch
  • Your audience, income and impact has plateaued and you want to take it to the next level
  • You want to build a business around your own passions and interests that impacts 1000s of people each month
  • You want to be able to make 10's of $1000s each month from anywhere in the world in just 1-4 hours a day
  • You want to become the next authority figure in your niche

I'm Ross Harkness

If there's one thing that'll strike you about Ross, it's that he's able to go incredibly in-depth to give his students more than just the basics


He gives you everything you need to build a personal brand and grow on social media, but also everything you need to be consistent and disciplined enough to stick to the programme and get results.


Ross' personal brand journey began in 2020 and since then he's built an audience of over 360 000 people, impacts over 12M people / month and has built a business which makes over 6 figures / year.


A master of branding and social media and a veteran of self-improvement, Ross gives you everything you need to improve not only your brand but also you and your life. 


Personal BrandBldr



If you're not fully satisfied with the Personal BrandBldr, just send me an email and I'll process your refund - no questions asked.

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